10 Dishes From Noma’s Seafood Menu

Noma’s new year has kicked off with the first menu of the year, celebrating the season of Scandinavian seafood. 

René Redzepi commented on his Instagram account: “It’s winter in Scandinavia. Nothing really grows on land. But under water it’s high season. In the world of seaweeds you can find flavors that range from deep umami, to bergamot citrus, a truffle flavored one exists. But maybe the one that’ll convince the world of the potential of seaweeds is the one that’s BACON flavored!”

The highly acclaimed restaurant that put Nordic cuisine on the world map is approaching its second year at its new location in Copenhagen. The menu follows the seasons when certain produce are at their best, starting with the seafood menu, a vegetables menu in the summer, ending the year with a game and forest themed menu.

Redzepi had caused a bit of a stir on social media recently when he posted a video showing 13 different variations of the very seafood menu which took into account various allergies, as well as vegan and vegetarian opt-ins, demonstrating first-hand the growing demands of the industry to cater to the changing demands of customers. 

Take a look at the many dishes from the seafood season below.  


1. Seafood Platter


2. Boiled Brown Crab on Flatbread


3. Hot Smoked, then Barbecued Arctic King Crab


4. Sea Urchin and Molded Barley


5. Marinated Sweet Shrimp


6. Beach Crab Gel and Pinecones


7. Cod Bladder Simmered with Quince


8. Salt Cod Pie


9. Chocolate Cod Skin


10. Cardamon Scented Sea Star

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