Electric Oven Breakfast Machine Steak Egg Omelette

CuisineFood and drinkFoodsCuisineFood and drinkFoodsCuisineFood and drinkFoods
Price: $857.07
(as of Sep 28,2021 11:17:57 UTC – Details)


1.12L gold capacity Small and chic:You can just serve it
2.Up and down infrared light waves heat up quickly:Two-pronged approach,Rapid heating, even baking
3.60 minutes long pass timer lnfinite creativity:The outside is crispy and the inside is tender, and itsucceeds once, and there are new tricks every day
4.Temperature andtime dual control:Easily adjust the heat
5.Multi-sided vent:Quickly dissipate theresidual temperaturein the box

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