Eleven Madison Park has Announced its Summer Menu

Eleven Madison Park have announced their summer menu and it’s a celebration of the season’s bounty. Using ingredients such as sunflowers petals, sweet corn, and a variation of eggplant, it’s a real summer feast.

The New York restaurant is presenting new dishes such as  Tomato, served table-side, with Seaweed and Summer Herbs  and Caviar with Okra and Corn Flatbread.

Chef Daniel Humm’s inventive and always impeccably presented cuisine is a consistent winner and the summer 2019 season looks to carry on in that tradition. Seasonality is everything in today’s modern cooking and at Eleven Madison Park, there’s a harmonious and respectful approach to the ingredients gratefully received from nature.

Tomato, served table-side with seaweed and summer herbsBrazilian Real

Photo credit: Evan Sung

Snails with spring garlic and lettuceEvan Sung

Photo credit: Evan Sung

Eggplant with tomato and corianderNew York restaurant

Photo credit: Evan Sung

Crab with sunflower and cardamomBrazilian Real

Photo credit: Evan Sung

Caviar with okra and corn flatbread Evan Sung

Photo credit: Evan Sung







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