Enameled Cast Iron Pots, 2.76Quart / 4.65Quart

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Price: $275.56
(as of Jan 16,2023 00:00:10 UTC – Details)


Perfect size(8.66X8.66X4.13inch / 10.25X10.25X4.88inch): 2.76Quart / 4.65Quart, 1-3 / 3-7 people use, the pot is enlarged and deepened without overflowing, and the large-capacity pot body is easier to operate
Enameled cast iron pots easy clean: The enamel pot adopts a three-layer material process, enamel layer, alloy layer, ceramic layer, heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and non-sticky after long-term use
4mm thick pot body gathers energy to lock heat and long-lasting heat preservation: The thick body has a good temperature locking effect and can maintain the temperature for a long time
Self-circulating condensation point: The inner wall of the pot cover is designed with a condensation point, and the heat rises to the top of the pot cover and turns into drops of water, retaining the original flavor
It is more durable without picking the stove: thickened magnetically conductive composite bottom, will not shield the magnetic effect of the coil, and the bottom of the pot is flat, suitable for all kinds of gas stoves, induction cookers, etc.

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