June 25 is #Bourdain Day to Celebrate the Chef’s

José Andrés and Eric Ripert, declare June 25 to be Bourdain Day and have called on people around the world to celebrate the late great chef’s life, legacy and birthday by raising a glass. You might call it the Feast of Saint Anthony.

It’s still a shock, the loss of Anthony Bourdain, and yet, there is some consolation in the legacy the great man left us. It seems Bourdain made us more human, he brought our attention to how food unites us, to immigrant stories, to what we have in common. His passing coincided with a heartfelt movement within the industry to change it from the inside out. More equality, better support for restaurant workers and more human environment, the effects of which are felt far beyond restaurant kitchens but in our daily lives. Not many can say they achieved that.

So it is absolutely appropriate that anyone who felt touched by the work of Anthony Bourdain raise a glass in his honour. It’s by keeping the chef’s memory alive that we keep also his work and message alive.

Eric Ripert and José Andrés, both friends of Bourdain’s posted a video calling for people to raise a glass for Bourdain. The pair drink some beer from a porron, a Catalan wine vessel that projects a stream of liquid which you ‘catch’ in your mouth. It was invented to allow people to share a drink without touching libs on the same glassware.


Interestingly #BourdainDay falls on June 25, the same day that The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 awards takes place in Singapore. There’s going to be a collection of the great and good of the world of gastronomy and with Bourdain’s presence felt, it could all add up to quite a party.

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