Michelin Chefs Tomato Recipe Videos

Welcome to our Michelin Chefs Cook series where we show you our pick of the best videos of top chefs working their craft on a chosen ingredient, dish, or specific technique.

Summer means it’s peak tomato season. From small cherry tomatoes to beautiful bulging heirlooms, you should be able to find the entire world of this extraordinary vegetable at the farmers market. This humble vegetable (which is actually a fruit, botanically speaking) can transform into sauces, soups, salads, drinks, and is at home as a side act as much as it is the star of a dish. Raw or cooked, it is a tasty source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K. 

So don’t limit yourself to just tomato sauce. Find out the many ways Michelin-starred chefs use tomatoes to create mouthwatering dishes in the video recipes below. 

Watch Michelin-starred Chefs Tomato Recipes

1. Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets: Tomatoes 

This is where you want to start – iconic chef Raymond Blanc combines stories from his childhood with recipes from his mother, as well as a few other special dishes created by the chef himself. Discover recipes for his mother’s tomato salad, a risotto made with tomato essence, rustic stuffed tomatoes, and a ‘Tomato Theme’ dish featuring tomato granita, sorbet and jelly consomme. 

2. Gordon Ramsay’s Roasted Tomato Soup

Everyone knows how to make tomato soup, but a truly great tomato soup is a totally different thing. Watch how chef Gordon Ramsay balances sweet, salty, acidic and umami flavours with this roasted tomato soup recipe. He follows it with an upgraded grilled cheese: a Welsh rarebit. A must to keep recipe for your repertoire. 

3. A José Andrés Masterclass on Gazpacho and Life

For Spaniards, gazpacho is life and life is a gazpacho. Take the tips from Spanish chef José Andrés and find out how to make the best gazpacho of your life.

4. Diego Guerrero’s Tomato Shot 

Tomato sauce transforms into a fine dining-worthy treat in a glass. Layers of tomato, cream cheese and a herby juice come together at the hands of two Michelin-starred chef Diego Guerrero of DSTAgE, Madrid. 

5. Chef Heiko Nieder’s Recipe: Tomato “Chilli Con Carne”

Chef Heiko Nieder of The Dolder Grand restaurant in Zurich (two Michelin stars) incorporates a coffee jus into a vegetarian, tomato “chilli con carne”. Find out how in this video.

Watch Michelin Chefs Cook Tomatoes in Different Ways, Part I

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