Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container and Rack Kit

energy consumptionpre-fitted food grade silicone insulatorstainless steelenergy consumptionpre-fitted food grade silicone insulatorstainless steelenergy consumptionpre-fitted food grade silicone insulator
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stainless steel

Artisans Hearth Cookware is proud to be the first company to offer a PURPOSE BUILT Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container Solution.

Stainless Steel is a must for those who are serious in the kitchen. Sanitary, durable and atheistically pleasing, it was an obvious choice for us to incorporate Stainless Steel into our design. However, Stainless Steel also conducts heat, which is a problem in a Sous Vide Container. Therefore, our engineers developed a silicone insulation sleeve to be wrapped around the outside of the container, which not only prevents this issue, but improves the efficiency and energy consumption of your Sous Vide Circulator. We accomplished this by incorporating a honeycomb air gap system molded into the interior skin of the insulation, and adding 1/4″ feet to the bottom of the container. These two features together prevent heat from leeching away from your container, and provide a stable and consistent environment perfectly suited to Sous Vide applications.

A must in any container is the ability for use with multiple brands of circulator. Artisans Hearth Cookware have designed this container to be compatible with EVERY Sous Vide Circulator on the market today.

Purchase your Artisans Hearth Cookware Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container + Rack Kit TODAY, and begin your Sous Vide journey in STYLE

✅ BRAND NEW DESIGN – PURPOSE BUILT FOR SOUS VIDE CIRCULATORS: Up until now, only plastic storage containers have been available for you to use with your Sous Vide Circulator. Easy to crack, break and warp -these BPA filled plastic containers have had their day. Welcome to the solution, a 100% STAINLESS STEEL Sous Vide Container with FOOD GRADE Silicone Honeycomb Insulation. STRONG, SAFE & STYLISH
✅ FITS ALL BRANDS OF SOUS VIDE CIRCULATOR – Joule, Anova, Nano, Instant Pot, Malaha, Wancle and many more – ALL are compatible with the Artisans Hearth Cookware Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container.
✅ NO PLASTIC = 100% BPA FREE – All Polycarbonate containers contain BPA, there is no such thing as BPA Free Polycarbonate. BE CONFIDENT & SAFE in the fact that what you feed yourself and your loved ones has not been in contact with harmful BPAs
✅ WHAT DOES THIS KIT INCLUDE?: Each kit comes with a 12qt Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container along with a pre-fitted food grade silicone insulator in either Charcoal or Dover White. In addition to this, each kit also includes a BONUS SOUS VIDE RACK. Take your Sous Vide to the next level by ensuring optimal water flow and heat distribution around your food by placing it on a rack during your cook.
✅ WHY THE INSULATOR?: A Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container without an insulator would not be very efficient. Stainless Steel conducts heat, and the heat generated by your Sous Vide Circulator would soak into your countertop and the air around it. Therefore, we have manufactured an insulator with a honeycomb air trap system and raised feet to keep that heat locked in, and away from your countertop.

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