The Bocuse d’Or Winner for 2019 is Denmark and

Team Denmark with chef Kenneth Toft-Hansen has been awarded gold at the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition in Lyon for their plate and platter combinations. 

Speaking on stage, Toft-Hansen said: “It’s a big relief, this is my second time here and the last time I was very disappointed. Coming in number one is something I will never forget.” Toft-Hansen was mentored by fellow Dane, Rasmus Kofoed, who is famous for being the only chef to win Bronze, Silver and Gold at the competition. 

The silver prize was awarded to chef Sebastian Gibrand who represented Sweden. The bronze place was given to former S.Pellegrino Young Chef competitor Christian André Pettersen from Norway. 

The Bocuse d’Or culinary competition, organized by the late Paul Bocuse back in 1987, is often described as the Olympics of food. 24 chefs from 24 different countries compete around two different themes: plate and platter. The 2019 event challenged chefs to prepare chartreuse using 50 percent seafood and 50 percent vegetables and a platter containing a clean veal rack with five prime chops as the main ingredients.

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