These New Pie Recipes were Created by Artificial

Artificial Intelligence is the future of everything, or so we’re told, but if this project is anything to go by, then the future of food may include bizarre pies with fillings like Scotch Eggs and salad.

The project was a collaboration between English pie company Piglet’s Pantry and financial lender Esme Loans and looked to apply AI to come up a range of new and exciting products for the market.

The algorithm was fed with thousands of texts of pie recipes and then worked to produce novel combinations, five of which have been selected to go into production by the Sussex-based pie makers – including a veggie spiral pie, a Scotch egg pie and a pear & blackberry crostata.

The AI model was built using GPT-2, an unsupervised text-generating language model, built by the Elon Musk founded AI research company Open AI, which has previously been demonstrated writing news articles.

‘The speed and the volume of results we were able to deliver were outstanding,’ said Veronika Lovett, the co-founder and CMO of Esme Loans told the Daily Mail.

‘Suggestions from the AI model were usable and relevant,’ she added.

The application of AI will in future go well beyond pies and we can expect to see the world’s best chefs utilise the algorithm to enhance their already very deep knowledge of ingredients.

Rene Redzepe of Noma works with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of food experts to source and process little known or previously unheard of ingredients, creating the weird and the wonderful. Just what might Nordic Food Lab be capable of with the application of AI and how will its use filter down to the consumer or casual diner when they shop in the market, cook at home or order in a restaurant?

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