ZZABC Traditional Iron Wok Non-stick Wok Induction

Price: $587.79
(as of Jan 19,2022 11:55:49 UTC – Details)

Primary iron: The iron pan does not rust and refuses harmful substances. The surface substance of the pan will react chemically with acidic substances at the cooking temperature, which can effectively avoid iron deficiency and help the family.
Anti-scalding handle: The glass beast can be erected and placed to prevent the water droplets attached to the glass cover from staining the table. The bakelite handle has a good heat insulation effect, is not hot and safer.
Diamond coating technology: Diamond coating technology, super non-stick pan, cooking without oily smoke, easy to clean, and clean your kitchen.
Handle design: The unique design of the secondary handle is ergonomic, making it easier to pick up the pot, avoiding burns, and being intimate and safer.
Transparent glass lid: visible glass lid, control the cooking degree at any time during the cooking process, explosion-proof design, safe and convenient for storage in the kitchen.

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