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8″ Sturdy Foil Pans with Snap-On Lids (5 Pack) |

Price: $16.99
(as of Oct 16, 2022 03:08:57 UTC – Details)

HEAVY-DUTY REUSABLE ALUMINUM PANTAINER: Unlike those flimsy, easily deformed foil pans, our multi-use aluminum baking pan is thicker and sturdy enough to reuse multiple times. Cook and bake your favorite foods with confidence for longer.
LESS CLEAN-UP, MORE GREEN-UP: Life’s too short for those hard-to-clean disposable pans. The I’m Pantainer foil tins will replace your expensive pan and make cleaning up after your meal a breeze. Plus, you’ll help keep our planet green and clean!
MICROWAVE, FREEZER & STOVE-SAFE – NO SHARP EDGES: While regular foil pans with lids may cause sparks or cutting accidents due to their sharp edges, our aluminum foil pans with lids have smooth edges and are 100% microwave-safe, freezer-safe, and stove-safe!
SAFE PACKING – NO WORRY OF DAMAGE DURING DELIVERY: Pans and lids are stacked compactly and safely packed to prevent damage.
TRANSPARENT SNAP-ON LID & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed to make meal prepping and storing leftovers in the fridge easier, our 8-inch stackable, space-saving tin foil pans feature easy-grab handles and a see-through lid for maximum convenience.