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ROSG Tea Kettle for Stovetop Stainless

◆High-quality stainless steel: The teapot is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which is rust-proof, not easy to deform, does not contain heavy metals, and can be used for a long time.
◆High-quality whistle: When the water in the teapot boils, it will automatically make a sound. The sound is loud and not harsh so that you can hear it in other rooms.
◆Ergonomic design: ergonomically designed handle, anti-scalding, safe, comfortable and non-slip.
◆Round-bottomed pot bottom heating: The circular design at the bottom of the teapot effectively increases the heating area of ??the teapot and accelerates the boiling of the tea. Suitable for various stove tops
◆Large-capacity teapot: The capacity of the teapot is 4L, 5L, 6L. A pot of water can meet the needs of your family for a day, and it can be placed in a family gathering to save you more time

Kitchen Organizer Pots Storage Rack Holder Shelf

Material: ABSSummary: Cookware storage rack, ABS base, thick and durable, heat resistance 80 degrees.Stainless steel wire, embedded installation, stable and not easy to shake.It can be used horizontally and vertically, and the kitchen stove and storage cabinet can be placed, which is flexible and convenient.Easy to clean ,ideal tool to place spatulas, tableware,lids,etc.

CZDYUF 2in1 Electric Griddles Hot Pot Non-stick

1.Separate design, easy to clean,2000W high power, can meet 1-6 people barbecue at the same time.
2.S-type quick-heating tube. Faster and more uniform heating, not easy to burn.
3. 5-levles temperature adjustment. Free adjustment of fire power, quick barbecue is more time-saving.
4.Bar-shaped chrome-plated grill net. It will not rust and easy to clean,Metal body, high temperature resistance, no pressure for cleaning oil.
5.Separate oil pan. Reasonably control the heating space, effectively collect the baking , and clean easily.

WALNUTA Ceramic Soup Pot Nordic Phnom Penh White

Preservation ability, and the inside of the pot is heated evenly, and the food is easier to taste, allowing the food to release the nutrition and mellow.
One-piece pot ear, heat-resistant one-piece pot ear design, easy to handle and put, firm and convenient, and comfortable to hold.
Anti-overflow pot rim and heightened rim can effectively prevent the soup from boiling and overflowing, and it runs smoothly and is not easy to spill.
It is clean, simple, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is fired at high temperature.
The texture is dense and the glaze is smooth and hard, and no stains remain.

Haoo Creative six-piece ice cream melting furnace

The pattern does not decolor after long-term use: high-temperature firing process, safe to use;
Anti-skid bottom: For the sake of anti-skid, the bottom is not glazed, so you can use it at ease;
Breathable vent: keep constant temperature, enjoy romantic time leisurely;
Separate design: easy to lift, double-ear pot body, anti-scalding design;
If there is a problem with your product, please send us an email, we are always available to help you.

Non Stick Bakeware Set Toaster Oven Pans Home

Material: Metal Baking pans set nonstick Baking kit Baking dishes for oven Baking sheets for oven nonstick
Cookie Pans Size: 10-Inch x 7-Inch
Cake Pan Size: 10-Inch x 7-Inch
Pizza Pan Size: Dia. 7-Inch
Set of 4

Casserole Casserole Dishes With Lids Soup

It does not contain chemical ingredients, is safe and healthy, and is a perfect formula for a long-term kitchen companion, noble and elegant, bright colors give people different visual impact
HighQuality Ceramics:Made Of High Quality Environment Friendly Clay.a Better Cooking Choice Than Common Iron Pots.leadfree,Cadmium FREE,Arsenic Free.unique Temperature Affordability From15 To 600 Degrees
Health Ceramic Nonstick Pan:The Healthy Ceramic Healthy Cookware Has Excellent Nonstick Performance And Highly Scratch Resistant Durability.sinking Clay Pot Lid Design And Steam Vent Prevent Water From Overflowing.healthy Cooking Brings The Best Flavor.highly Durable Glaze Cooks With Minimal Fat
Evenly Heated:When The Pot Is Heated,The Heat Is Quickly Transferred From The Bottom Of The Pot To The Pot.Fast And Uniform Heat Transfer.use On Open Fire Or Gas Stove.disinfection Cabinet,Microwave Oven,Dishwasher And Freezer safe.(Note:Not Suitable For Induction Cooker)
Multifunction:The Largecapacity Pot Has The Characteristics Of Boiling And Stewing,Ensuring That The Umami Taste And Nutrition Of The Food Itself Will Not Be Lost,Resulting In Better Food Effect.doubleear Pot,Handles On Both Sides,Easy To Pick And Place,Cute And Stylish

JAHH 3pcs/Set Mat Non Slip Silicone Placemat

1.Design: Special paper-cut texture offers a firm grip,helps you hold every kitchenware firmly.Also be a groove to accommodate liquid stains, to keep the furniture clean.
2.Multiple uses: Use this silicone trivets, You can safely lay hot pots on your table, use it in place of mitts for holding hot pans, tight jar caps, rest your cooking spoons.It’s also suit for kitchen mats, table mats and coasters.
3.Easy to Clean and Store: Easy to clean with hand wash or throw it into the dishwasher. When not in use,simply roll them up for storage in a drawer or hang them on a hook.
4.Perfect Use: Perfect for use as a protector for countertop, table, stove, oven or others.
5.Size: (Approx) (LxWxH) 19.5×19.5×0.5cm/7.6×7.6×0.19inch. High temperature resistance: 230℃.

CZDYUF Ceramic Nonstick Oven Casserole Stockpot,

★【Multi-function】Multi-purpose, can be stewed, boiled, braised, braised, nutritious, original and healthy.
★【Scope of application】 can be used in various environments, induction cookers, electric ceramic stoves, gas, and other environments. After the flameout, the insulation fails for up to 2 hours.
★【Easy Care】The glaze is smooth and even, easy to clean, dense in texture, low in water absorption, no smell, clean.
★【Design】 The lid of the pot is ventilated round, and the round hole is degassed, which effectively relieves the pressure inside the pot and prevents the overflow pot. Anti-scalding handle for more comfort.
★【 Satisfaction Guarantee】We absolutely believe that you will not regret buying. This is the perfect gift for friends and family.

GXBPY Medical Stone Non-Stick Pan 32cm Aluminum

Material: Medical stone + aluminum alloy
Size: about 32cm in diameter
Non stick, less oil smoke, thick bottom and thinwall design, faster and more uniformheat conduction.
The cooking process is less lampblack, pleasant cooking enjoyment.
Applicable stoves: gas stoves, induction cookers, etc. all stoves

Tognana Sphera Cookware set, Aluminium

9-layer coating for unique performance
Resistant to 100,000 abrasion cycles with metal tools
High temperature resistant x-fusion outer coating
Bakelite handle with elegant and refined design
Pfoa free

Solid 32cm Iron Skillets Maifan Stone Coating

Nonstick: Safe and maifan stone coating non-stick pan.
Top quality:The frying pan is made of wrought Iron material with Standable vacuum lid and Anti-scalding long handle .
vacuum cooking:glass lid with valve and sealing ring,Pan can be in a sealed vacuum state.And the cooking time is greatly shortened.
Multi-purpose:32cm large capacity can be used to fry steaks, crepe,pancake,pizzas,omelettes,pie,stir-fries,deep fry,cooking soup instant noodles etc…..
Traditional Chinese wok, Cast Iron Cookware Carbon Steel Round Bottom Wok,Beech Wood Anti-scald Handle, for Kitchen Gas Stove

Mini Stone Omelette Mold Pan Four-Hole Flat Gas

You can enjoy a quality and healthy life.
Non-stick pan performance, sanitation, not easy to burn when cooking, quick heat accumulation, uniform heating | Principle of uncoated physical non-stick pan|Applicable to a variety of stoves.
The heat-resistant plastic wood handle is comfortable and convenient. It is very suitable for induction cookers, gas stoves and barbecue stoves. It is suitable for kitchens, restaurants, hotels and various gatherings.
Hand-casting process, cupola smelts hot metal at high temperature, after cooling, it is integrally formed, high-quality and beautiful; strong heat gathering capacity, uniform heat conduction.
The elongated beech wood single-handle handle is fixed with a 304 stainless steel iron rod, which is more stable in use.

Stock Pot, 201 Stainless Steel Soup Bucket with

★Material: 201 stainless steel, with cover, thick, flame-resistant, non-deformation, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, durable and easy to clean.
★ Applicable stove: gas stove (open flame).
★It is very suitable for making a large amount of soup, such as stew, soup, beef stew, etc.
★Applicable scenarios: This high-quality 201 stainless steel soup pot is the best choice for businesses, families, restaurants, hotels, and vendors.
★Capacity: 21L, 30L, 42L, 57L, 68L, which can satisfy 30-110 people.

Roasting pan with stainless steel wire rack Baking

FIRST CLASS MATERIAL – Both the oven tray and the baking grid are made of high quality stainless steel without chemical coating, rustproof and durable for everyday cooking use
MINI OVEN TRAY – Our rectangular baking tray has a great mirror finish to reduce the risk of food sticking. All edges are carefully rounded, without sharp points, which makes it easy to grasp and transfer
EASY CLEANING – The deep, full side prevents the juice from leaking out of the small grill pan to keep the oven clean. Both oven trays and cake racks are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Cooling grid – The cooling grid is specially equipped with 4 raised feet (1.5 cm) to distribute the heat evenly. Can also be used separately to cool down pizza, pie, cake, bread, biscuit or meat
VERSATILE – Ideally fits in most home mini ovens. It is used for baking or roasting chicken wings, pork, sausages, potatoes, turkey breast, etc. A decent gift too

MMLLZEL Cast Iron Skillet Folding Handle Pan Grill

Evenly heated, stir-fry more easily should not stick to the pan.
Not stick to wash, convenient and easy to use.
Place firmly and do not slip.
Heat storage temperature control uniform conduction.
Food grade material suitable for room core.

GXBPY 6 Cookware 12 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware

Humanized anti-scalding handle, comfortable grip, heat insulation and anti-scalding
The ears of the pot and the body of the pot are linked with rivets and , which is comfortable to hold and durable.
Solid riveted handles provide maximum durability even when filling and heavy pans.
Transparent lid, you can see the heating state of the food at any time, and the deliciousness is not easy to lose
Mirror-polished cooking surfaces are perfect for kitchen countertops and won’t fade

Wonetfls 18 Tier Pan Rack,Cookie Cooling Racks for

Unmatched Quality: The Pan Rack is made from commercial grade aluminum. The racks have a higher gauge aluminum construct that make them stable and durable than other cheaper market offerings.
For Industrial & Commercial Use: The racks are meant for heavy use. This pan rack will last you a lifetime. The trusted choice for serious bakeries, restaurants and foodservice companies.
Heavy Duty Casters: The wide wheels will sustain the most demanding environments. The gusset points that tie the rack together are designed to provide stability and strength when loaded to full capacity.
Design & Function: Atheistically pleasing, it is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum sheet. The racks are easy to wipe down after a day of heavy use.
Quality service: Any questions please feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible within 12 hours, always provide you with the best quality service.

JAHH White milk pan, smooth glaze, fast heat

The pot lid can be turned over to change the pot mat in seconds, and can also be used as a plate.
The ceramic material has strong storage temperature, and it is easier to clean while hot, no longer worry about washing the pot.
Pour the soup cleanly without spilling, keep the kitchen countertop clean and hygienic.
Composite material universal pot bottom, durable and not deformed.
Black technology temperature sensing color changing circle, color recognition temperature, safe and anti scalding.

ZYZMH Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Safety

● Made of rust-proof, Stainless Steel .
● Cool Touch Handles with Safety Locking Lid.
● Easy to Use and Clean.
● Ideal for Beans, Meats, Vegetables, Soups and More.
● Only can be used with fire like gas stove and firewood.

Le Creuset 5 1/2 Qt. Signature Round French Oven

We enclose an Additional Genuine Le Creuset Knob which will be engraved.
2 Lines of Text Allowed – # of Characters Depends on Knob Size
Rotary Engraving that you can feel – Will never wear off
Create a Family Heirloom Today

WETYG Household Water Kettle Kitchen Teakettle

It adopts a comfortable and heat-insulated handle design, which is durable and anti-scalding.
Fast heat conduction, saving time and electricity and gas.
The enamel kettle is durable and practical.
Streamlined water outlet design, quick water collection and dripping, with ergonomic aesthetics.
The bottom has good heat resistance and long service life, suitable for induction cookers and gas stoves.

Hanging wine glass rack Hanging Wine Rack with

Wall Shelf Unit: The handcrafted wall shelf made of wood and metal bracket, carrying capacity, long service life.
produced of 100% pine solid wood: The Wine Rack Wall Mounted is entirely made of natural wood. We never use MDF, PB, or composite wood. 100% high-1uality galvanized steel – Increases the pipe’s durability, scratch resistance, and rust and oxidation resistance. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Save space: Take full advantage of unused vertical space. This shelf securely suspends from ceiling to create the perfect wine bar/kitchen/front desk/living room storage solution.
Specifications: 60/80/100/120/150 × 30 × 80cm, (length × depth × height). Please refer to the dimension drawing, A excellent wall shelf works as a space saver. one- Stop saving makes your space more clean and spacious, 2-storey storage space takes full advantage of the unused vertical Space and can also decorate your house.
Home Decor: Classic design, beautiful and practical. This decorative piece of furniture is the perfect addition to any living area. Can be used as a bookcase, a display shelf, storage rack. Can be placed in living room, study, kitchen, office or hallway.

Globe GG24G 24″ Manual Gas Griddle

1” thick highly polished steel griddle plate fully welded to stainless steel frame, 20’’ deep
High performance 30, 000 BTU per burner
Stainless steel U-style burners provide flame every 6’’
Pizeo ignitors for thermostatically controlled griddles
Stainless steel, double wall construction front, sides and back and extended cool-to-touch front edge

WALNUTA Household 2 Layer Electric Steaming Pot

8L large capacity, double steaming grid.
Non-stick inner pot, easy to clean.
Double-layer heat insulation, not hot in the hand, care for your hands.
304 stainless steel, safe to use.
Anti-dry burning: When there is no water, the power-off protection will be automatically activated to prevent accidents.

Teppanyaki lid Cover for Melting Cheese on

DIMENSION: 28 * 12cm, 30 * 13cm, Can cover multiple meatballs and most foods.
A good insulation: cheese melting dome is a perfect heat for concentrating evenly cooking, melting cheese or steaming vegetables, it creates a dynamic cooking ball that retains heat.
Keeping Food Warm: Cooking evenly, concentrating the ideal heat, cooking the meat evenly and melting cheese or steaming vegetables, it helps reduce spatter and helps food retain its flavor.
Different purposes can be used: suitable for alfresco dining, barbecue, caterer, camper and more, is a good choice for the hotel.

MNHW 3 PCS Small Oven Baking Set Pan Bake Cake

Baking Set includes 7 inch x 10 inch baking sheet, casserole pan, and broiling grill.
Sized for easy storage and small spaces this set can be used for both toaster ovens or regular ovens
With the non-stick surface cooking and cleaning are a breeze

Casserole Dish with Lid Soup Pot Enameled Cast

❤[UNIQUE SQUARE SHAPE]- Square shape accommodates more than similar diameter round pot or pan. Red enameled cast iron dutch oven cookware with lid for braise, bake, broil, saute, simmer and roast.
❤[ENAMELED CAST IRON EXTERIOR]- Cast iron construction leads to even heat distribution and retention, and offers excellent durability and unrivaled heat conductivity. Cast iron lids feature basting dimples to help retain moisture while food is cooking.
❤[ENAMEL COATING INTERIOR]- Enamel interior and exterior coating for stick resistance. PFOA / PTFE free. Stain and odor resistant enamel coating for easy cleaning.
❤[WIDELY COMPATIBLE]- Perfect for marinating or cooking a wide range of meals. Broiler and oven are safe up to 500 degrees F. Compatible with gas, electric, induction and ceramic glass stoves.
❤[BEST GIFTS]- Two handles for easy handling and transportation and a large sturdy knob for simple lid removal. These are the best choice for housewarming gifts or wedding gifts.

Stainless Steel Wok,Hard-Anodized Aluminum Wok

★ For fantastic quality and brilliantly durable kitchenware, look no further than this stir fry pan.
★ The stainless steel pan is made with a high-quality non-stick coating which ensures that food is freely released from the pan.
★ This versatile and easy to use pan suits all cooks and abilities and is even suitable for use in the oven, perfect for any kitchen
★ This superb pan is easy to handle, long lasting and dishwasher safe,
★ So you can relax and enjoy hassle free cooking, every day.

BHVXW 16CM Soup Pots Nonstick Saucepan Noodles

The frying pan is safe, strong and durable.
The ceramic coating on the surface ensures non-stick and easy cleaning.
It’s a great kitchen cookware for making pancakes, toasts and omelettes.
Suitable for home kitchens and safe to use on gas stoves.
Features: non-stick, lightweight, high wear resistance, induction cooker can be used universally

Sweden Wok Non-coated Non-stick Wok Detachable

The saucepan is lightweight, heats extremely quickly, is easy for women to lift, and can be used in a variety of cooking methods, such as frying pans, stewing, boiling, steaming, frying, etc
This wok can be given to a mom or friend who works in the kitchen
It’s a great gift for them
The handle is made of wood and will not heat up during use
It’s the best and most commonly used ingredient in today’s wok

ZSEDP 32cm Iron Skillets Maifan Stone Coating

Top quality:The frying pan is made of wrought Iron material with Standable vacuum lid and Anti-scalding long handle .
Nonstick: Safe and maifan stone coating non-stick pan.
vacuum cooking:glass lid with valve and sealing ,Pan can be in a sealed vacuum state.And the cooking time is greatly shortened.
Multi-purpose:32cm large capacity can be used to fry steaks, crepe,pancake,pizzas,omelettes,pie,stir-fries,deep fry,cooking soup instant noodles etc…..
No coating, honeycomb non-stick principle. Five-layer composite material to achieve physical non-stick.

BREWIX Red large cast iron square frying pan,

BREWIX Red large cast iron square frying pan,

The wall thickness of the pot is 4mm, which makes the cast iron pot have good heat storage performance, slow heat loss and longer heat preservation time
The thick pot body conducts heat evenly, the food is heated evenly, the food is more delicious, and it is resistant to high temperature and not easy to deform
The handle and the pot body are integrally formed, the handle is strengthened, the use is more stable, and the service life is greatly increased.
The color is beautiful, the shape is simple, and it is more energy-saving. The cooking effect can be achieved by medium and small fires.
One pot is multi-purpose, fried, roasted, stewed, satisfy all your fantasy about delicious

CHYSP With Lip Stock Pot Stainless Steel Stock Pot

CHYSP With Lip Stock Pot Stainless Steel Stock Pot

Solid stainless steel handle.
Perfect for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.
Stainless steel interior for easy cooking and cleaning.
Easy to clean, portable, universal, with handle.
Material: stainless steel + glass

Olympia Hard Cook Die Cast Aluminum Roasting Pan

Olympia Hard Cook Die Cast Aluminum Roasting Pan

✓HIGH QUALITY PAN – This roasting pan must in your kitchen!! It consists of 7 layers including die-cast aluminum along with multi-layers of non-stick coating reinforced with mineral particles. These mineral particles provide you a non-stick, high abrasion resistance surface while giving you the appearance of cooking on stone.
✓ECO-Friendly – Olympia only uses raw material certified according to European regulations. This die-cast technology allows heat to distribute evenly to the bottom of the pan quickly providing you with energy savings. All of their products are PFOA Free and nickel free.
✓Healthy Cooking – Unlike ordinary aluminum cookware this frying pan is coated with a PFOA free coating making it unnecessary to use fats.
✓Made in Italy
✓100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You are assured for a quality product. If you are not happy with the product supplied; you can surely let us know and we will refund your money in full within 30 days of your purchase.

DSFEOIGY BBQ Barbecue Aluminum Frying Grill Pan

DSFEOIGY BBQ Barbecue Aluminum Frying Grill Pan

Surface with non-stick coating, easy for clean.
Aluminum alloy integrated die-casting, high density and hardness.
Perfect for family barbecue, Korean restaurant, barbecue shop and so on.
Safely use hard utensils on your frying pan without fear of scratching its surface.
Magnetic composite bottom design, suitable for induction, gas cooker and other stoves.

JFGJL Cookware Set Milk Pot Frying Pan Wok Double

JFGJL Cookware Set Milk Pot Frying Pan Wok Double

Compatible with all types of stoves such as gas, electric, halogen, induction, etc.
Comfortable handle, easy to control, induction stove to keep fresh
Designed with a tight tempered glass lid with a stainless steel edge, it seals in the natural juices and nutrients of your food for a healthier, tastier result.
5-layer casting, integral molding
Features Strong rivet joint, advanced welding technology, better user experience

Bon Chef 1600002PRed Cocottes 5.3 Inch x 4 Inch x

Bon Chef 1600002PRed Cocottes 5.3 Inch x 4 Inch x

-36 each 5.3″ x 4″ x 2″ Round Bakers
-Bon Chef fine porcelain dinnerware, fully vitrified, ensures a long life with normal use
-Alumina body provides strength and durability; Corrosion and wear resistant
-Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher safe

DHDM Gray milk pan, long lasting non stick, double

DHDM Gray milk pan, long lasting non stick, double

Aluminum alloy milk pot large size available for 3-4 use.
Suitable for all stoves, Say goodbye to indifferent cooking, enjoy delicious taste, oven.
Wear resistant and durable cast steel handle and thicker bottom large diameter with more uniform heating.
Rinse is clean, no residual stains, no longer worry about cleaning.
It also has a double water guide design, the operation will be more convenient.

DHDM Aluminium Alloy Kitchen Pressure Cooker Gas

DHDM Aluminium Alloy Kitchen Pressure Cooker Gas

Aluminum alloy composite pot bottom: durable and evenly heated.
Easy opening and closing: easy to opening and close, easy to operate. The new lid is tightly closed. When opening and closing, you can hold the lid with hand to help opening and close.
Safety explosion-proof pressure limiting valve: 80KPA high pressure design, fast exhaust, safe explosion-proof.
Increase the safety valve: anti-blocking, safe and durable.
Safety handle, heat insulation and anti-scalding. (Please note that the handle is not anti-burning. When using a gas stove, be careful not to opening a large fire and cause the flame to burn to the handle).

Le Creuset 5 1/2 Qt. Signature Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset 5 1/2 Qt. Signature Round Dutch Oven

We enclose an Additional Genuine Le Creuset Knob which will be engraved.
2 Lines of Text Allowed – # of Characters Depends on Knob Size
Rotary Engraving that you can feel – Will never wear off
Create a Family Heirloom Today

PDGJG Teapot- Polished Mirror-Finish Stainless

PDGJG Teapot- Polished Mirror-Finish Stainless

★ Size:27*26.5*17cm
★ PP plastic grooved handle, anti-slip and anti-hot
★ Durable Stainless Steel,Lightweight, portable, easy and safe to use
★ It is loudly whistle when the water is ready. You can the cover and it will boil without making noise.
★ All stove top available:The whistle kettle works with gas, electric and most induction stove tops.

DREANNI Hanging Ceiling Shelf, Nordic Iron Solid

DREANNI Hanging Ceiling Shelf, Nordic Iron Solid

Materials:Made of Iron Frame and Natural Wood, Each Edge is Well Polished and Has a Smooth Finish, Iron Brackets, Which Are Rust-Proof, Durable Andng.
Function: Hanging from the Ceiling, the 2-Tier Storage Space Makes Full Use of the Unused Vertical Space and Can Also Decorate Your House.
Safety Design: Each Edge is Fully Polished and Has a Smooth Finish, the Bracket Can Support a Weight of Approx, 50 to 100 Kg, It is Very Suitable for Stovarious Works of Art, Decorations, Etc.
Scene: 2-Tier Storage Space, Beautiful Appearance and Color, Suitable for a Variety of Scenes Living Room / Kitchen / Cafe / Restaurant / Bar.
Easy to Install: You Need to Drill Holes in the Ceiling/Cement Top with an Electric Drill, Then Screw the Brackets.

IKON ITG-36E Countertop Electric Griddle with

IKON ITG-36E Countertop Electric Griddle with

IKON Griddle, electric, countertop, 36″W, polished steel griddle plate, (3) elements, thermostatic controls, 4″ grease trough, stainless steel front & sides, galvanized steel back, CETLus, ETL-Sanitation, CSA-Sanitation
Operate on 208V/240V service , 50/60Hz Per 12 setion of griddle, 3kW at 208V; 4kW at 240V
Polished steel griddle plate measures 1-in. thick
3 individual thermostatic controls enable multiple cook zones
Temperature range: 150-450 degrees F