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ZLDGYG Household Wok-Hard-Anodized Aluminum Wok

You can enjoy a quality and healthy life.
The surface after fine grinding polishing, smooth and moist, hard wear, not afraid of hard shovel and steel ball.
Thicker at the bottom to facilitate the heat storage function, heat evenly, heat conduction speed.
Transparent visual glass cover, keep abreast of cooking, convenient and practical.
CHARACTERISTICS:Non-Stick and Easy to Clean,thick bottom, even heating,durable and long lasting,Can be used on any cooktop,kitchen without fumes,lightweight,high capacity.

LLSB Frying Pot Thickened Omelet Pan Wok Home Non


LLSB Nonstick Wok Handle, with Non-Stick Coating

For fantastic quality and brilliantly durable kitchenware, look no further than this stir fry pan by
The stainless steel pan is made with a non-stick coating which ensures that food is freely released from the pan.
This versatile and easy to use pan suits all cooks and abilities and is even suitable for use in the oven, perfect for any kitchen
This superb pan is easy to handle, long lasting and dishwasher safe, so you can relax and enjoy hassle free cooking, every day.
Whether you are marinating your food, cooking (on all major hobs – including induction hobs!) or storing food in the fridge to be served later in the week。
Electric, Gas, Halogen, All Stoves

GXBPY 32cm Traditional Handmade Iron Wok

Surface gas nitrogen treatment, durable.
It will be keep the original flavour of food while you cooked by this pan.
Food flavor is not altered when cooking.
Induction base for even heat distribution.
It’s will not scald your hand with the long grip when you cooking.

Tognana Sphera Cookware set, Aluminium

9-layer coating for unique performance
Resistant to 100,000 abrasion cycles with metal tools
High temperature resistant x-fusion outer coating
Bakelite handle with elegant and refined design
Pfoa free

Sweden Wok Non-coated Non-stick Wok Detachable

The saucepan is lightweight, heats extremely quickly, is easy for women to lift, and can be used in a variety of cooking methods, such as frying pans, stewing, boiling, steaming, frying, etc
This wok can be given to a mom or friend who works in the kitchen
It’s a great gift for them
The handle is made of wood and will not heat up during use
It’s the best and most commonly used ingredient in today’s wok

Cast Iron Chef Style Stir Fry Skillet,

Cast Iron Chef Style Stir Fry Skillet,

COOK AUTHENTIC ASIAN FOOD: A cast iron wok is the best utensil to cook with for authentic Asian food as this is the utensil traditionally used.
NON-STICK COATING: The long lasting & heavy duty cast iron wok features a non-stick coated layer surface that ensures quick, effortless food release and eliminates the need for butter, oil or cooking spray. Makes tasty homemade food slide out easily
PRE-SEASONED: The classic stir fry cooking wok comes pre-seasoned to prevent the cookware from rusting while it sits on store shelves or in the warehouse. Also prevents food from sticking to the cookware, ideal for cooking meat, pasta & vegetables
THE ULTIMATE GIFT FOR A COOK: For the chef who swears by steel wok; for the home cook who’s discovered the allure of steel wok; for the guy with a penchant for cooking; for the mom who appreciates a quality wok – give them all the gift of a wok.
VERSATILITY: Woks are primarily used for stir frying, but can also be used in many other ways, such as in steaming, deep frying, braising, stewing, or making soup.

臻三环 Set of ZhenSanHuan HandHammered Iron Wok, Flat

臻三环 Set of ZhenSanHuan HandHammered Iron Wok, Flat

ZhenSanHuan HandHammered iron wok, after 36,000 times of hammering, high density of surface, conducts heat faster than any nonstick wok
Iron ladle and spatula set, heirloom quality.
The compatible wooden lid, light and no dripping.
Wok shelf is easy, light and multi-purpose.

Cristel Casteline Fryingpan, 11", Silver

Cristel Casteline Fryingpan, 11″, Silver

100% MADE IN FRANCE – CRISTEL products feature the Label Origine France Guarantee that products are made in France
COMPACT STORAGE – Because there are no handles, and vessels nest inside each other you can store 23 items in a cookware drawer versus 6 or 7 with fixed handles
SAFETY ON THE COOKTOP – Since you don’t need to cook with handle on vessels they never get hot and vessels can never be tipped over
DISHWASHER & OVEN SAFE – All our items are dishwasher safe. All Non-Stick stainless steel pans vessels are oven safe to 428°F and lids are oven safe to 400°F
COOK & SERVE WITH THE SAME PAN – The Long handle can be switched out for two side handles to go elegantly to the table with cold handles for passing dishes around. The defuser base will keep foods warm for serving

TAZBI Bronze Cooking Uruli (10 in)

TAZBI Bronze Cooking Uruli (10 in)

Made from food-grade bronze with 2 mm thickness.
Width -10.75 Inch; Depth – 3.1 Inch;Weight – 2.700 KG
Can cook a variety of food items like vegetables, different types of meats ,Biriyani, Pickles, Sweets like payasam, halwa and more
Since the Uruli is made with appreciable thickness. the food will not get stuck to the bottom
Retains heat longer and consumes less oil
NOTE- you will need to replace your non-stick or steel cookware every few years. With proper care and usage, bronze can be used for many years.