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Aluminium Plate Grill Roasting Tray Compatible

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Durable hardware enhanced thickness and durable coating distributes heat evenly, and far infrared helps a high-quality grill make the best meals without burning and sticking to the pan.
WORKS WITH ALL HEAT SOURCES – Compatible with all stoves, induction cooktops, grills, hotplates and electricity. You can cook indoors and outdoors anytime, anywhere.
EASY TO USE AND SAVE TIME – A hole called the oil drain system helps automatically remove excess fat and grease for easier, healthier cooking. The non-stick surface is easy to clean after use.
Coating – The non-stick coating material is blended with zirconium and ceramic materials such as Biostone for more durability and protection from scratches and abrasions. It’s absolutely safe.
It’s a great gift for a picnic, camping or overnight on the patio, indoor, outdoor parties, travel, parks, beaches, picnics with your friends and family.