Aluminum Alloy Pressure Cooker, Large-Capacity

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[High-quality material]: The aluminum alloy pressure cooker is made of high-quality aluminum material, which is light in weight, corrosion-resistant, high-strength, fast heating, uniform heat conduction, energy-saving and time-saving, suitable for gas stoves.
[Save cooking time and energy costs]: Cooking food only takes one-third of the time, and skewering potatoes takes only 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes, saving you time and reducing gas or electricity bills.
[One pot for multiple uses]: The pressure cooker can cook a variety of foods in one pot, stewed, steamed, boiled, and a single pot, which can quickly lock the nutrition of the food and be more nutritious and healthy. It is suitable for cooking rice, canned food, stewed chicken, stewed meat, stewed pork ribs, etc. .
[Three safety functions]: The pot body will not be accidentally opened under pressure. It is also equipped with primary and secondary valves to prevent excessive pressure build-up, and is equipped with an additional gasket release system to increase safety.
[Wide scope of application]: The kitchen pressure cooker has a safe anti-scalding double-ear handle, large capacity, suitable for various occasions, and can meet your various kitchen needs, such as hotels, bars, western restaurants, canteens, restaurants, etc.

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