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Durgol Swiss Steamer Descaler/Decalcifier for Stea…

Price: $20.24
(as of Mar 10, 2020 00:00:17 UTC – Details)


Durgol Swiss Steamer decalcifies high-quality household steamer ovens of all brands. Highly effective, fast safe and easy to use. Durgol Swiss Steamer leaves no residue. Regular use of this special formula ensures the optimal quality of prepared foods and extends the life span of the appliance.1-16.9 ounce bottle; specifically formulated to decalcify all brands of built-in steamer ovens
Regular use ensures proper functioning of the appliance; optimal quality of steamed foods
Highly effective and easy to use; leaves no odor or residue
Environmentally safe; 100% recyclable PET bottles
Made in Switzerland