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GPPZM Household Wooden Handle Pan Kitchen Cooking

Price: $467.14
(as of Aug 14, 2022 20:00:10 UTC – Details)

Allows the highest culinary technology with unique style to create unsurpassed heat conductivity and culinary elegance. Allows for quick and even heat diffusion as well as enhancing the natural flavours of the food cooked in it.
This pan is suitable for all hobs, including induction cookers, ceramic stoves, electric stoves and gas stoves.
It features a tough,free non-stick surface inside and out, and a special hardened body to create a durable and long-lasting pan that can be used on any heat source.
Is made of forged aluminum material, which is very durable and durable, so you can cook with confidence.
This non-stick wok is easy to cook, smooth and easy to clean.