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Kettle Stockpot with Lid Stainless

Price: $770.31
(as of May 29, 2022 09:00:13 UTC – Details)

Multiple capacities: Capacity: 14L/18L/30L/45L/65L/90L/150L, ​​a variety of capacities are available to meet your different needs, material: stainless steel.
Material: The stock pot is made of commercial quality stainless steel. Classic and stylish appearance, visually attractive, suitable for any environment.
Multifunctional lid: The soup pot is made of all stainless steel and adopts a brand-new lid design. The handles on both sides facilitate the movement of the soup pot. The lid can be hung on the handle when not in use.
Heavy duty: The edge of the brewing pot is reinforced with double-layer stainless steel, which is very thick. The stainless steel handle is riveted to the pot and lid, which is firm and stable, and the heat is even.
Durable and easy to clean: The high-quality stainless steel structure is very easy to clean, durable, safe and durable. Used as a standard soup pot for most cooking needs.