Large-scale commercial pressure cooker, household

Price: $1,726.25
(as of Dec 01,2021 18:33:26 UTC – Details)

★For commercial explosion-proof large-capacity pressure cookers, we use food-grade aluminum alloys that are resistant to high temperature, high strength, and not easy to corrode!
★Multi-function pressure cooker chassis type multi-ring seal, can make the bottom of the composite cooker evenly heated, not easy to stick to the bottom, high-strength die-casting combination, rapid heat conduction, energy saving and time saving.
★High-quality lid of cooking pot, soup pot, canned pot, food-grade aluminum alloy material, high-quality surface treatment technology, aluminum alloy material and lid are safe and quality, this safe explosion-proof commercial pressure cooker can reach: 15PSI or more
★Fish-shaped silicone handle for pressure cooker in kitchen and restaurant, non-slip, anti-scalding, comfortable grip, eight-fold safety protection, high-quality food-grade aluminum alloy material, more worry-free
★Commercial large-capacity aluminum alloy pressure cooker has aluminum alloy bottom, acid and alkali resistance, no reaction with acid, uniform heating, less oily smoke, non-stick pan, fast heat conduction, suitable for pen flame use

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