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N/A Smokeless Grill Indoor Use Electric, Compact

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5-speed adjustable temperature regulator: Five-speed firepower can be adjusted, automatic temperature grilling is more delicious, and maintains a constant temperature throughout the cooking process.
Fast heating, energy saving and time saving: smokeless heating tube, stable performance, S-type design can effectively gather energy, and rapid heat conduction can maintain the tender taste of meat inside and outside the barbecue!
Non-stick pan easy to grill: smokeless and non-stick, filter out quality, suitable for fried steak, chicken wings barbecue.
Separate ovens are more convenient: wires, heating pipes, grilled nets, carbon nets, baking pans, fish pans can be disassembled separately, and easy to use/clean.
You can grill all the food indoors and outdoors without smelling the smoke polluting the entire apartment or house.