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Roasting Pan By Multi Roaster: Black Marble Tray

Price: $99.95
(as of Aug 07, 2022 17:00:09 UTC – Details)

INNOVATIVE SALT CANAL: The Multi Roaster pan has a unique design that will allow you to cook delicious and healthy food in the easiest way possible! The salt will trap your food’s juices without making it too salty and high in sodium, so you can enjoy the juiciest, most delicious holiday roast turkey, without worrying about your health!
100% NON-STICK: Forget about the usual roasting pans that let your food stick on the bottom, ruining your dinner! The Multi Roaster tray is completely non-stick so you can cook without using excessive oil or butter to grease the pan, or using a baking sheet. Your food will be healthy and delicious and you can even save some money by not using any extra products!
PREMIUM QUALITY: The roasting pan is crafted to perfection with the highest quality marble and with special attention to detail for best results. It’s extremely durable and it will not get chipped or broken after a few uses. The pan is completely non-toxic so you can rest assured that it’s perfectly safe for you and your family.
DELICIOUS DISHES: Use the roasting pan to create classic and modern dishes with chicken, beef, or fish, delicious vegetarian recipes, your famous holiday dinner turkey, creamy au gratin potatoes and anything else you can imagine! The marble pan is great for every dish and recipe and it will give you guaranteed results!
MULTIPURPOSE PAN: This incredible pan is an essential piece of cookware for every kitchen as it can be used in many more ways than just throwing it in the oven! You can use the roasting pan in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or even to marinate your meat! The convenient dimensions of the pan, make it ideal for every purpose!