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Round Tin Foil Pans for Air Fryer, Disposable

Price: $17.99
(as of Sep 18, 2022 03:09:36 UTC – Details)

[Quantity]: Each pack contains 50 x 8inch durable aluminium cooking or baking pans.
[Air fryer, fridge and oven safe]: our round foil air fryer liners are completely safe for use in air fryer ovens and fridges, which makes them the perfect container for storing food, preparing meals and reheating leftovers.
[Perfect for parties]: you can save a lot of time by not having to worry about cleaning up afterwards with these handy disposable pans, which can easily be used as cookware and cutlery. These foil pans are recyclable and do not pollute the environment.
[Straight-walled grill pans]: unlike angled pie pans, these deep tin pans have straight walls, giving them a larger capacity and are ideal for storing, serving or grilling large quantities of food without the need for clean-up
[Sturdy quality]: these high quality pans are made from 100% aluminium and have full curled edges, providing rigidity that can be held or gripped tightly. These pans are flat-bottomed, making baking and reheating very easy.