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Stockpots Large Stockpot,Food Grade 304 Stainless

Price: $730.24
(as of Mar 12, 2022 23:00:11 UTC – Details)

Material: This soup pot is made of high-quality medical stainless steel; fast heat conduction, uniform heating, thickening and energy-saving complex bottom heating quickly, helping you save more gas
Size:20cm×20cm , 25cm×25cm , 28cm×28cm , 30cm×30cm , 32cm×32cm , 36cm×36cm , 40cm×40cm , 45cm×45cm , 50cm×50cm
Three-layer composite steel: 304 medical steel-high-quality aluminum-430 magnetically conductive steel three-layer composite steel structure, composited by 1800 tons of heavy pressure, the whole body of the pot is formed at one time, sturdy and durable, heat conduction is faster and more uniform, and effectively reduces oily smoke. The appearance design is novel and unique, stylish and beautiful
Anti-scald handle: the grip is comfortable and not hot, the pot body and the handle are connected by rivets, strong and durable
Suitability: Ideal for cooking large quantities, such as stew, soups, goulash and much more.