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CASTA Professional Cooking Equipment
Since 1972 more than Forty years of Success and Passion !

CASTA has always been a byword for quality and reliability. It blends together all the advantages of industrial and traditional manufacturing, which make every piece of equipment unique. All of them are built today with the same passion as in the early times. Customers can always rely on the advantages (and reduced costs) of industrial production. Moreover, the customization typical of traditional manufacturing makes each piece of equipment unique. Each and every one of them is built with passion for any kind of place and customer .
Casta is specialized in the production of :
• Professional Cooking Equipment such as: professional line FAST 700, LADY 700-900, EASY 700-900,
• cantilever composition ORCHESTRA
• Flexible Cooking DROP-IN Line
• Customized Ethnich Range:
o New WOK “All inclusive”: Wok Casta revolutionizes the idea of ethnic range with its new “All inclusive” wok lines, the most complete range of products with innovative and modern features. Casta keeps on manufacturing its customized stoves , but from now on it also offers you 21 brand new “All inclusive” WOK families, with all the accessories included in the price, in order to help you choose the best solution for you.
o Teppanyaki Japanese hot plates
o CCSSIERE couscoussiere cooker
o Yakitory grill
o Dim Sum Steamer
• FAST FOOD line : stockpots, gas pizza ovens, lava rock grills, fry-tops.
o TEPP-ICE NEW SHOW ICE CREAM CONCEPT Discover how to turn a simple ice-cream into a real tasty experience. With TEPP-ICE you can! We took the Thail Concept of Ice Rolls (water base) and put the Made in Italy style as technology (low temperature -38°C) and product quality (fat gelato rolls). Thanks to its special refrigerated plate until – 38°C , you can turn fat based ice-cream preparation (GELATO) into a creative experience: rolls, iced desserts, frozen yogurt crepes, gelato ice cream crepes, chocolate decorations, and artistic creations can be simple and fast new ideas to amaze and excite your guests! New, innovative and easy concept able to turn a simple artisanal delicious gelato ice-cream into a real tasty experience
o TEPP-TWIN INNOVATIVE COOKING CONCEPT TEPP-TWIN is an appliance composed by two independent plates placed side by side allowing to cook up to +240 °C (on the left) and fast cool down up to -38 °C (on the right). Unique and versatile, offering to the most creative chefs the possibility to invent and create recipes from appetizers up to desserts, passing through the main courses, without using other resources. The result is always a harmony of flavors and colors enhancing nutritional properties. The use of the cold plate (down to -38 °C) facilitates the microbial reduction and enhances the colors fixing and the food nutritional properties. The transition from the cold plate to the hot one activates the thermal shock enhancing the food color and texture. The dish is then finished on one of the two plates, depending on the desired recipe.
TEPP-TWIN is an electric appliance equipped with an independent and integrated extraction system, filtering through one viledon and one activated carbon filters, with inducted outlet in the environment. The main advantage of TEPP-TWIN is the ability to cook and quickly cool food, thanks to the presence of one single worktop. The two side-by-side plates allow the chef to get simultaneously and in a short time two hot-cold and cold-hot temperature changes, both during show cooking, and in the everyday backstage life in the kitchen. A method that allows for the preservation of the nutritional value of food, ideal for high-level restaurants, caterers and chefs who want to manage avant-garde cuisine.
o JUSTCOOK TABLE TOP COOKER is the bench top electric pasta-cooker perfect to cook fresh, dry, frozen or pre-cooked pasta, vegetables, eggs and meat. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is the ideal product for small catering services, bars, hotels’ breakfast rooms.
o PAM HAMBURGER FRY-TOP: PAM is the perfect plate to cook hamburgers. Main features: fast, performing, a cooking top with splashback on four sides, uniform heating, large holes and drawers to collect residues.

Thanks to our many years’ experience in the field, we can be competitive in all the markets, offering products and services of a high qualitative level. We also offer ‘turnkey’ design projects for cooking and complementary equipment that count floor plans, water locations and drainage, connection layouts.


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